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Bumper Car Trauma is a Real Thing

This week on 'The Bachelor' we learned about Bumper Car Trauma, got a new villain and a trip to Scottsdale all in one episode

There Will Be Racing Puns, Kids

An underage sea nymph, a potential villain and everything else that happened on the season premiere of 'The Bachelor'

The Bachelor Recap: Week Seven

Dramatic pauses, hard goodbyes and where the heck is Bimini?

The Bachelor Recap: Week Five

Later Wisconsin. Hello New Orleans!

The Bachelor Recap: Week Four

The Corinne/Taylor Undercard is where the smart money is

The Bachelor Recap: Week Three

Trench coats! Zero Gravity! Bounce Houses!

The Bachelor Recap: Week One

Bad jokes, wedding hookups & a shark costume! A new season of 'The Bachelor' kicks off.

Ep. 14: In JoJo We Trust

Before unpacking the Bachelor finale, we talk about Kendrick, Kanye, the Americans and more

Ep. 13: Finally Something Goes Leo’s Way

On this week's episode there's an Oscars recap, a Bachelor recap, some praise for John Oliver & some love for Netflix