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How Will ‘The Americans’ End?

Looking at 'Breaking Bad' may be the best way to think about how 'The Americans' will wrap things up in it's last season

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Monday night's episode of 'The Bachelor' couldn't compete with the snowboarding of Chloe Kim

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Inspired by a recent Twitter moment having to deal with 'Paw Patrol' conspiracies, I rattled off 30 questions I have about the show

Of Course the Bowling Matters!

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The Grammys: Winners & Losers

We know who won awards, but who won and lost the actual night?

‘SNL’ Opens Up the Vaults for Will Ferrell’s Return and It’s Glorious

In the lead up to his return to the show this weekend, 'SNL' uploaed the legendary Ferrell sketch “Gus Chiggins, Old Prospector” to YouTube

You Haven’t Loved Until You Drink Your Own Urine

Everyone knows that the way to find a mate is by tricking them into drinking their own urine. Plus other takeaways from this week's episode of 'The Bachelor'