The Horn Players are Down to Play the Rock Music Too

Brass Against the Machine is the latest horn section-fronted band to tackle big, loud rock 'n roll

Honoring the Best of 2017

Handing out some awards to the people, places & things that made 2017 tolerable

The 35 Best Hey Oh! Songs of 2017

The 35 songs from 2017 that upon hearing them, produced a resounding Hey Oh!

You’ve Seen the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer, So What Do You Now?

The movie won't be released until May, so here's some things to keep you busy until then

Let’s Talk About Rudolph

The time has come for some serious issues to be raised about the popular Christmas classic

The Internet is Dark and Full of Terrors

What happened to Greg Schiano on Sunday was a shame and also highlights one of the biggest problems we have with the Internet

Monday Jams, volumes 1-7

Playlists for the hardest day of the week: Monday

Everything Might Actually Be Terrible Right Now

A breakdown of a revelation that the rumors could be true, everything might be terrible right now

Holy Rankings Batman!

Where does Ben Affleck's Batman fall in the rankings of all things Batman in the movies

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