Is This Thing On?

This week on 'The Bachelor' Krystal kept being the villain, Annaliese kept experiencing trauma and possibly unbeknownst to him, Arie was on television

Giddy Up America Radio

It's not technically a radio station, but it's enough songs to sound like one

Thank You Mrs. Maisel

A show like 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' is just the kind of escapism we need these days

Bumper Car Trauma is a Real Thing

This week on 'The Bachelor' we learned about Bumper Car Trauma, got a new villain and a trip to Scottsdale all in one episode

Maybe Oprah Shouldn’t Run for President

After her speech at Sunday's Golden Globes, everyone is wondering if Oprah is going to run for President. Maybe we should be wondering if she really should or not.

Monday Jams, volumes 1-9

Playlists for the hardest day of the week: Monday

The Parents’ Snow Day Guide: Toddler Edition

Making it through a snow day with toddlers can be difficult and while I'm not an expert on the matter, I do have some ideas for how you can get through the day successfully

Gaslight Anthem & the Escape From Music’s Middle

Gaslight Anthem is hitting the round this summer to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their most popular album, 'The '59 Sound'

There Will Be Racing Puns, Kids

An underage sea nymph, a potential villain and everything else that happened on the season premiere of 'The Bachelor'

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