Since 2002, I have contributed to the following publications & websites:
The Portland Phoenix (Portland, ME)
N’East (Portland, ME)
The Philadelphia City Paper (Philadelphia, PA)
Origivation (Philadelphia, PA) (
Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia Metroblogs (
Philadelphia, PA)
UPROXX (national)
Heavy (national)
BroBible (national)


Do You Know The Real History Of Grunge Music? Hint: It Doesn’t Start With Nirvana” (UPROXX 11/15)
What’s The Best Dave Matthews Band Album? Here’s A Look Back At The The Path That Led To Their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination” (BroBible 12/19)
Here’s Why The Return Of John Frusciante Will Help The Red Hot Chili Peppers Prove They’re Anything But Average” (BroBible 12/19)



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