Keep Calm…It’s Almost Summer

1777985Oh why hello Justified. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Now the last thing I really need is another television show to get hooked on. But I guess it’s okay because Project Walking Dead is currently on hiatus.

But I burned through the first three episodes of Justified without much effort. All I can think about now is how much I want to wear a cowboy hat. I had a cowboy hat in college. It was my good-time havin’ lid. Not sure what happened to it. Either way, a cowboy hat is something I could get down with.

Besides Justified, got a few other things on my mind.

Things like the news that Spoon is working on a new album. This is good news. I love Spoon. I also love spoons. So it’s a win, win situation for me. Spoon is from Texas, land of cowboy hats. This has to be a crazy coincidence.

And then I’m thinking about how much I’m enjoying the Hold Steady. I had heard of them but decided to check them out seeing as how I’ll be seeing them Memorial Day Weekend, when they open for Gaslight Anthem in Asbury Park. I agree with my Darling Wife about the lead singer’s vocals- they’re unique. But I dig them and I dig the band. I do enjoy some good ol’, barn-stormin’ rock ‘n roll.

Wife and I also came to an agreement about what a Summer Jam is. A summer jam is beach music, something to chill out to because that’s what summer is all about. A Summer Jam sounds good with the windows open and sounds good on a deck or a patio. A Summer Jam has no drink limit and a Summer Jam doesn’t have to be reggae, but some reggae qualities could always help. I’m kicking around the idea of a Race for Summer Jam type thing. The entrants so far are Wild Belle and Major Lazer. A couple more and I might have myself a tournament. Clock is ticking.

In related news, I can’t wait for summer.


And I can’t wait for that Gaslight Anthem/Hold Steady show.

Oh and I’m going to a Phillies’ game. They’re playing the Red Sox, who are playing top notch, quality baseball for the first time in two or three years. Looking forward to that.

On the subject of sports, there are one or two things sports-related things that have me thinking. Things like the Celtics and how I’m sorry to see them go, but couldn’t more proud of how they went out. That game Friday was a goddamn train wreck for three and a half quarters. I doubted that they’d even get to sixty points. Halfway through the fourth quarter and with the Knicks pulling away, I started seeing what else was on. Settling on an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I checked the Twitter to see how things were going. All I saw were a string of tweets- varying levels of excitement and enthusiasm. The Celtics were showing signs of life. The Celtics were making a comeback. I quickly turned back to the game and Twitter wasn’t lying. All of sudden we had ourselves a ball game and the boys in Green were fighting back. In the end though, it just wasn’t meant to be and an Iman Shumpert steal sealed the deal. But the mood had changed. The Celtics, the KG-era Celtics, weren’t going out with a wimper, but with a valiant last stand. Last impressions are everything and in a couple inspired minutes of basketball, they flipped ours. Who knows what the team will look like next season, but regardless- Kevin Garnett should and will have his number 5 retired. He made the Celtics relevant again. He brought them back from NBA No Man’s Land. He brought people back to the tent. It will never be forgotten. I hope he’s back for one more season or I hope he retires. I don’t want to share him with anyone else.

Hey Derrick Rose, just come out and say one of two things: 1) Sorry y’all, I’m down for the season or 2) Hey y’all, I’ll give it a go. Losers waffle. Thanks, America.

Saying Tim Tebow should go to the CFL and that he can play there is an insult to the CFL. They deserve better.

Baseball thoughts:

  • The idea that Roy Halladay might be done or at the very least, never the same again, is a major bummer.
  • Major League Baseball makes it really hard to actually watch their games.
  • I like the fact that the Angels are struggling.
  • A consistent BJ Upton could be the best player in baseball. Unfortunately a consistent BJ Upton is becoming a bigger myth than the myth of a female orgasm.
  • The Nationals will probably turn it around and still make the playoffs. They just weren’t ready for the spotlight and lofty expectations.
  • I’m sick of the Umpires Are Out of Line story more than I am sick of umpires actually being out of line. I do think they need to handle themselves better and not be so quick to toss guys.

I think I like 60% of The Great Gatsby soundtrack. I think the Lana Del Rey song is a thing of beauty.

I don’t know how anyone could follow politics right now and not also enjoy the thought of a monkey effin’ a coconut. They seem to be equally absurd to watch and follow.

The Heat will win the NBA Championship, but the off season will end up being way more entertaining. The fact that the Nets aren’t trying to make space for LeBron is a travesty.

Two questions related to weekends:

  1. Who decided Saturday and Sunday would be the weekend?
  2. When did the idea of Sunday Funday start?

I don’t support anything Kardashian-related, but I do think the coverage of Kim’s weight while pregnant is a new low for tabloids. Leave her alone. She’s pregnant. If you’re going to make fun of any of them or mercilessly attack any of them- go for the Mom.

I think I can’t wait for Vampire Weekend’s new album.

I think Steve Carell coming back to The Office would be more of a lock if this season hadn’t been so sketchy.

I can’t get enough of this song…

…and this one…

That’s it.

Go Red Sox.


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