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What Was 2018’s Song of the Summer?

The summer of 2018 passed without a consensus number one pick for the song that defined it. So as a result, I went looking for suggestions for what people thought was their song of the summer.

From the Podcast: The Summer 2018 Playlist

20 songs from the Differing Opinions on Drake podcast for the summer of 2018

Amerigo Gazaway Mashes Up Common & Stevie Wonder in His Latest Release

Previous mash-ups have included Mos Def & Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding & Outkast

Dispatch? Yeah, Dispatch.

The band's song "Only The Wild Ones" proves that I'm not done with band yet

Drop the Mic: Summer Fridays edition

Jams for your Summer Friday...the best kind of Friday

Shimmy Shimmy Ya: the Moods of Summer edition

Two playlists for two types of summer: A Lil' Chillin' in the Summertime and A Lil' Good Time Havin' in the Summertime

Maybe You Should Stay Home

311 are back with a new album and a question is begging to be answered- why?

The Story of 2013

The story of 2013 based solely on memory.

New Music Round-Up: September Edition

Summing up my thoughts on some recent releases with Michael Scott GIFs