Candidate for Summer Jam of 2013: Major Lazer

Our latest entry in the race for Summer Jam of 2013

170141-major-lazerOoooohhh the race for Giddy Up America’s Summer Jam of 2013 is heating up. Our first entry was the Chicago duo Wild Belle, who recently released their debut album, Isles.

Our latest entry is a song from Major Lazer’s latest album, Free the Universe, “Get Free.”

Little background…

Major Lazer is the reggae/dance hall brain child of Mad Decent DJ Diplo. It used to be a collaboration with British DJ Switch. Now it’s all Diplo. Diplo, a man who loves his Blackberry. Spent some time in Philly, but I think he’s a NYC dude now.

On “Get Free” Diplo is joined on vocals by Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors.

The song is so easy, so light, so simple. Eff word, just listening to it now makes me want to be sitting on a deck or patio or beach or even a park lawn sipping on a cold beer. In general, music incites action. “Get Free” incites relaxation.

Check out Major Lazer performing “Get Free” with members of the Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Stay tuned for more candidates for Summer Jam of 2013.

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