Candidate for Summer Jam of 2013: A$Ap Rocky w/ Skrillex

Our latest entry in the race for Summer Jam of 2013

asap-rocky-skrillex-wild-for-the-night-whycauseicanIt’s time for the latest entry in Giddy Up America’s race for our official Summer Jam of 2013. So far we have an entire album by Wild Belle and “Get Free,” a track off of Major Lazer’s latest album.

The latest entrant is cut from a different cloth. While I firmly believe that a quality necessary for a song to even be considered a Summer Jam is that it be somewhat laid back, as summer is all about taking it easy, kicking back and doing some quality relaxing- there are exceptions to every rule.

Case in point:

“Wild for the Night” by A$AP Rocky & Skrillex.

Summer is all about good times and this song screams good times. I hear it, I want to get it up and start dancing. Not fifties style dancing, but reckless dancing. Lots of jumping. Waving my hands in the air like I may or may not care. This song may not be indicative of the kind of summer I want to have, but it’s totally indicative of the kind of summer someone else wants to have. This can’t be all about me.

It can’t.

Wu Tang is for the children, Giddy Up America is for the people.

So for the people, I nominate “Wild for the Night” as a potential Summer Jam of 2013.

I would like to point out though, that going wild for the night and still being polite is totally acceptable.

Thank you.



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