Mad Men Recap: It’s All About Making an Entrance

mad-men-s06e06Just like that, Mad Men whipped itself back into shape this week. Things are so much more lively on that show when things are happening in the office and this week, some big things happened.

Jaguar, Vicks- gone.

Chevy, new co-workers- hello!

While you couldn’t go so far as to call this season a bust, it has at times felt both flat and stagnant. It hadn’t lost it’s way, but it was definitely flirting with going adrift. But just when it looked like things might really go off the rails, “Immediate Release” brought everything right back together, specifically Don and Peggy.

And sure, there is a lot to get into and a lot to hope for now. But in the end, “Immediate Release” was ultimately about one thing.

It certainly wasn’t this revelation…

And it definitely wasn’t about the fact that Joan’s boobs look way bigger this season…

It was totally all about this…

Good talk, Pete. Thanks for coming out.

Photos: AMC

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