Office Watch: Getting Sensi Sensi

theofficeBrace yourselves, The Office is riding off into the sunset on the sensi sensi tip.

I get it. I’m okay with it. I understand it.

Let’s be honest, the show really has been all that funny in a while and despite my hopes that it would rekindle some of it’s original spark on the way out the door, it hasn’t. So if it’s not going to be funny, it might as well be endearing. After all, it was those two things: being funny and being endearing, that made The Office so popular in the first place. One out of two isn’t bad. I’ll take it.

Last night’s episode, “Livin’ the Dream,” was a perfect example of this. It really only had a few genuinely laugh out loud moments, but it definitely had some quality, heartfelt and endearing moments. Because they’re so committed to going out on a emotional note, Andy serenading the office with his version of “I Will Remember You” worked. If they had still been trying to be funny and attempting to recapture the magic of the first few seasons it would have fallen flat. So instead it hit the mark and made for a real nice moment.

Overall, I liked the episode. It’s not one I’d ever watch again, but it was at least more entertaining than previous episodes (which unfortunately, isn’t saying very much.) While cooking dinner, I mentioned to my Darling Wife that The Office was an hour tonight. She responded with hesitation, saying that she wasn’t really all the excited for it. I kind of felt the same way. My sense of duty tested as I thought about us watching an episode of Downton Abbey instead. I couldn’t do it, though. I had come this far. I needed to finish the journey. The folks at Downton would have to wait.

Right off the bat, anytime Dwight is doing karate in the office, it’s usually a good time. However I felt they missed a golden opportunity when Dwight talked about going to a new dojo because of issues with his old dojo.I was really hoping they’d show a clip from “The Fight,” one of the best episodes.

But speaking of the new dojo, it was easy to miss the fact that Michael Imperioli was Dwight’s new sensei. Nice to see he’s doing more things in his post-Sopranos day besides just tequila commercials.

I do have to mention this- David Wallace is a terrible boss. Of all the unbelievable things that have happened on the show, whether it’s Dwight not being fired after shooting a gun in the office, Andy not being fired for peacing out for three months, anything Michael Scott did or Ryan Howard going from temp worker to middle management, the fact that David Wallace has remained in charge of anything takes the cake.

Other thoughts…

Erin started the season strong, but has taken a back seat these past few weeks. She’s been one of the freshest voices on the show and was one of the only characters breathing life into the lifeless episodes that started this season off. So it’s a bummer to see her not featured as prominently down the stretch. I had forgotten her and Pete were dating.

Angela is the new Meredith? Didn’t see that coming.I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Dwight end up together in the end.

The Phyllis/Stanley disagreement about Lil’ Romeo was a highlight. It was done perfectly.

The lack of a cold open was disappointing as the cold opens are a big part of the show’s legacy. You know, cold opens like this one:

Or this one:

Lack of cold open or not, I expect more emotion as we move forward toward the series finale. It’s something I’m fine with as it suits the show. It’s also something the audience should want. It’s been nine seasons with these characters. There’s no major plot lines to be resolved, so why not just go out on that ol’ sensi sensi tip.

You’ll get no complaints from me.

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