Mad Men Recap: Learnings

madmen_donbobbymoviesBasically two things happened on Mad Men this week. Martin Luther King Jr was killed and the characters on Mad Men reacted to it. It was an interesting episode- a little uneven, but ultimately one of the strongest ones this season. Last week I was left wondering what exactly I wanted from Mad Men. I’m trying to move on; trying to roll with it and see where things go from here.

So let’s look at what we learned this week:

Pete Campbell is adjusting to the bachelor life, complete with Chinese delivery.

The Chinese delivery man is not one for small talk.

The Rosens went to D.C.

Peggy & Abe are looking for a new apartment, an apartment by the proposed Second Ave subway.

Peggy is footing the bill.

Bobby Draper is not a fan of spotty wall papering.

Abe writes for the New York Times.

Harry Crane felt bad about Dr. King being shot, but was more worried about how the ensuing television coverage would effect SCDP and it’s clients.

Pete did not care for this view.

Per Bert Cooper, the office closed early.

Joan gives awkward hugs.

Roger Sterling is Acid friends with Ethan from Lost. He sells insurance and isn’t much for shaking hands. On the plus side, he did talk Roger off of a roof one time.

Ginsburg is a Virgin.

Ginsburg needs to work on his sewing, according to his father.

Betty Draper Francis is not going to let race riots get in the way of it being Don’s turn to take the kids.

Henry Francis is going to run for Senate.

Don is not a person who goes to vigils.

Sally totally knew that.

The Draper men like popcorn and milk duds.

Bobby knows just what to say.

Don never loved his kids.

Don kind of does now. At least Bobby. I guess the verdict is still out on Sally and Gene.

Abe & Peggy are adorable together.

Photos: AMC





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