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Chris Long Won Friday

The Philadelphia Eagle took to Twitter on Friday to respond to Laura Ingraham's bashing of LeBron James

20 Random Thoughts About the 2016 NBA Finals

No detailed previews here. Just 20 random thoughts about the Warriors, Cavs and the 2016 NBA Finals.

Favorite Things of 2014

A list of my ten favorite things that happened in 2014

The NBA Preview: Where Predictions Happen!

Looking ahead at 2014-15 NBA Season with predictions, interesting things and more

The Summer of 2014’s MVP

Who or what was the Most Valuable Player of the Summer of 2014?

Slingin’ Reviews!

On the mend from shoulder surgery, a review of movies watched and articles read. As well as a few thoughts on LeBron...LeBron James. He's a basketball player.

Stoppage Time Before Game Time

While waiting for Thursday's World Cup game between the US and Germany, here's some other things to think about

NBA Finals Preview

Some thoughts and questions about this year's NBA Finals

Something to Believe In: NBA Edition

With a new NBA season almost here, Giddy Up America breaks down which NBA teams I believe in and which ones I don't.