NBA Finals Preview

hi-res-5905926_crop_650x440The NBA Finals are set; they start tomorrow. The Miami Heat versus the San Antonio Spurs, the sequel.

I’m not any kind of basketball expert, so this will be brief and to make up for my lack of any kind of concrete basketball knowledge, it’ll be accompanied by Seinfeld gifs.

That sound good?


Okay, cool.

Initial Thoughts…

I want to the Spurs to win.

It’s hard to pick against Lebron.

A Counter to Those That Initial Thoughts…

I’m pretty sure it’s LeBron. The “b” is capitalized.

Any reasonable person would want the Spurs to win.

Why Would Any Reasonable Person Want the Spurs to Win?

Because you have to be sans-soul to root for the Heat. You can acknowledge the greatness of LeBron, but that’s about as far as it should go. Any further than that?


Too far.

Is Dwayne Wade an Evil Genius?

Yes. He’s the NBA’s version of a bad guy in wrestling.


He Wasn’t Always Like That Was He?

I don’t think so. I think he used to be a good dude.

So What Happened?

No clue.

Does the Series Go Six or Seven Games?

I hope seven. Seven game series are the best.

Finals Soundtrack

This new mix by J. Period, The Legacy of JB. It’s awesome.

Emotional Prediction for the Series…

Spurs in 7.

Logical Prediction for the Series…

Heat in 7.

Emotical Prediction for the Series…

Spurs in 6…or Heat in 6

That Doesn’t Make Any Sense…

No. Not it doesn’t. But sometimes you just have to go with the flow and just enjoy the ride.


Chances LeBron Stays in Miami?


Chances Tim Duncan Retires if the Spurs Win?


Chances Dwayne Wade Has Recently Literally Stolen Candy From a Baby?


One Last Seinfeld gif?

You got it.


Go Spurs Go.

GIFS: Buzzfeed









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