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Slingin’ Reviews!

On the mend from shoulder surgery, a review of movies watched and articles read. As well as a few thoughts on LeBron...LeBron James. He's a basketball player.

NBA Finals Preview

Some thoughts and questions about this year's NBA Finals

Lucy Thoughts: NBA Finals Game 7

Lucy shares her thoughts on last night's Game 7, LeBron, Tony Parker and why Kawhi Leonard is a good name for a dragon

Witnessing the Inevitable

Lebron James' greatness has become the latest example of Sports Inevitably

Mr. Bieber’s Courtside Manner

Getting inside Justin Bieber's head at the Heat/Pacers game

The Clip From Young Guns That’s Symbolizes the Celtics’ Playoff Hopes

One clip from the 1988 movie Young Guns sums up Giddy Up America's prediction for the Celtics in the 2013 NBA Playoffs