Mr. Bieber’s Courtside Manner

Justin-Bieber-Heat-gameIn case you missed it, Justin Bieber was at the Heat/Pacers game last night. And in case you did miss that, then you also missed that Twitter had a heck of a good time ragging on homeboy’s outfit.

People poked fun at the size of his hat (in all fairness, he could have borrowed it from it his bodyguard.) People poked fun at him for being a front runner and people poked fun at him for looking less than thrilled to be at the game.

But I think there is more to this and I think it’s time to move pass making fun of young Bieber.

Perhaps he just had other things on his mind.

Like maybe he’s still in shock about what happened on this week’s Game of Thrones?

still in GOT shock

I mean, who isn’t?

Or perhaps, and like a lot of us, he’s a little confused about this whole Michael Douglass/How I got cancer thing.

Douglass got cancer how

Really? Cancer from sex? Cancer sex? That’s unbelievable.

Or more specifically, unbieberable.

Justin Bieber could be becoming more interested in politics and more interested in current events. Maybe he decided not to talk until Obama comes out an admits he was behind this whole IRS thing.

wont talk until Obama comes clean about IRS

You know, whatever the IRS is.

And we don’t know who that chick was Biebs was with, but maybe he doesn’t appreciate her laughing about the size of his hat.

Others find it funny

Or his cougar tattoo.

Or his leather shirt.

Or the cologne he’s most likely wearing that smells like baby dolphins.

Justin Bieber has feelings too. There called Bieleelings.

And his Bieleelings get hurt when people talk about him and laugh at him.

People like stupid David Beckham and Julius Peppers.


Clowns aren’t even wearing leather.


But hey, just because a dude wears black leather and dark sunglasses, doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. He can still teach the kids of America valuable lessons. Lessons like, hey kids, don’t forget to drink water.

hydrating is important

Always take two sips. Never take just one sip. Chumps like David Beckham only take one sip. And chumps like David Beckham don’t wear black leather shirts to basketball games.

So…and this is important…

Don’t be a chump like David Beckham.

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