Category: Current Events

Let’s Talk About Rudolph

The time has come for some serious issues to be raised about the popular Christmas classic

The Internet is Dark and Full of Terrors

What happened to Greg Schiano on Sunday was a shame and also highlights one of the biggest problems we have with the Internet

Everything Might Actually Be Terrible Right Now

A breakdown of a revelation that the rumors could be true, everything might be terrible right now

From the Pod: What America Needs (cont’d)

On last week's episode of Differing Opinions on Drake, we listed off things America needs right now more than Taylor Swift rapping. Here is an addendum to that list.

Jay Z is a Bummer

The announcement of a new album should be cause for celebration but how it was announced is cause for concern

This is the Craziest Thing I’ve Read in a While

A Maine woman fought off a rabid raccoon, but that's just part of the story

This is Important

No really, it is.

The Real Reason Why ‘S-Town’ is So Popular

It's not just the story or the quality of production that had led to the podcast's success. An additional factor has played a massively important part.

What Was America’s Best Year?

A March Madness-style tournament to determine what year was America's best year