Category: Current Events

Here’s Some Christmas-Related Content For You, Ya Filthy Animals

A collection of pieces about 'Elf,' 'Home Alone,' Corona commercials, Christmas music & more

When The Local Record Store Closes Its Doors

A local record store in downtown Portland, Maine once meant so much to me, and upon hearing that it was closing, the floodgates of memories opened up

Now Is The Time To Get Rid Of Daylight Savings Time

There has never a better time than now to finally get rid of Daylight Savings Time

Let’s Try and Understand the Kanye/Drake Beef

A moderately exhaustive breakdown of the feud between Kanye West and Drake

With Friends Like These…

The story of two dudes rescuing the Red Sox AL East Championship banner is the only one that matters today

Potential Future Adventures for Obama & Biden

The dynamic duo's appearance at a D.C. bakery on Monday got me thinking about what I'd like to see them do next

This is (Still) Important

No really, it is. Last year during allergy season I made plans in case things took a drastic turn. Those plans are renewed for Allergy Season 2018.

The ABC’s of March Madness

An alphabetically-sound preview of the 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

It’s Only Been a Week: 2/19 – 2/23

Here's a rundown of what happened during the week of February 19th through February 23rd