Chris Long Won Friday

Laura Ingraham spent some time on her show Thursday night to take aim at LeBron James, an up and coming basketball player, who, along with another up and coming basketball player Kevin Durant, had recently made some negative comments about President Trump. They can do this. This is America. Ultimately we should be cool with this, right?

Oh, okay then.

Of course this is a regular stance, especially lately. Stick to sports jocks! Of course it’s someone on Fox News making this ridiculous stance because that’s what people on Fox News do, they make ridiculous stances. Stick to ridiculous stances Fox!

The response was quick and the response was decidedly negative towards both Ingraham and Fox.

But the best response came from Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles. The same Chris Long who won the Super Bowl last year with the Patriots and was then one of the only white dudes to come out and say he wasn’t going to the White House. The same Chris Long who was one of the first white dudes in the NFL to publicly support a black teammate during an anthem protest. The same Chris Long who donated his entire salary for the 2017 season to education charities. The same Chris Long who has already said he’s not going to the White House this year when he goes with the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

The same Chris Long who showed up to the Eagles’ championship parade looking like this:

Yes, that Chris Long.

Chris Long doesn’t hold back. Chris Long doesn’t have time for your ridiculous stances. Chris Long took to Twitter to make sure you knew that he doesn’t have time for your ridiculous stances.

First, he made his intentions clear.

Then the tweets started.

And in closing…

It’s true. They do have “karate guys talking climate change,” which also could be the name of highly entertaining podcast if someone was clever enough.

People soon responded with some more examples.

And who could even think about leaving out Curt Schilling?

Schilling has spent his retirement doing nothing but spewing far-right talking points and sharing hateful posts on social media. He’s done this so much that he got booted from ESPN and last I checked, he was enjoying the friendly demonic confines of Breitbart.

Of course this is America. It’s Schilling’s right to share his opinion, just like it’s LeBron’s. Of course this is Bizarre Fox News America, so that right is only granted if the opinion you are sharing is one that aligns with Fox News’.

Back to you Chris.

Oh, and one more for good measure.

Yeah, that Fabio.

Let’s wrap this up with a word from Crooked Media/Pod Save America’s Tommy Vietor, shall we?

I think we’re done here.

Chris Long won Friday. Everyone else can go home. Thanks for playing.

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  1. Good post, but I would hardly call Kevin Durant and especially LeBron James “up and coming” basketball players!!

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