Kanye Celebrates Valentine’s Day on Instagram & It Was Fantastic

I made what I now consider a regrettable decision in 2013. I declared Giddy Up America a Kanye-Free Zone. It was a move that made sense to me at the time, it was a move that I stand by now because I have this thing about regrets and how regrets can’t exist if you don’t trust your past decisions and you should usually trust your past decisions because you would like to think you made them after carefully considering everything involved back when you made them. You can’t backseat drive your life. Therefore, regrets are a figment of the imagination.

But with that being said, the move to not talk about Kanye on this site has straight up not aged well. I can admit that now.

For starters, The Life of Pablo is a pretty amazing album. It’s certainly not without it’s faults, but it’s such a big-time, home run swing by Kanye that you can’t help but at the very least appreciate it. You also have to love that Kanye kept updating the album, taking advantage of the fact that it was basically the first mainstream album dropped by a superstar recording artist that was only released via streaming services. Because a physical copy of the album didn’t really exist, the final product was a moving target. Yeah, it was kind of frustrating because you had to keep re-downloading it and if you were talking about the album with a friend, you were never totally sure you were talking about the same album, even though technically you were. But looking at it now, it’s a pretty genius way to exploit the new reality in music. Finished products are also a figment of the imagination.

Beyond his role as Musician, Kanye has also embraced his other role as Kanye West. He’s part of the Kardashian clan, a housemate of theirs (they all live in one house, I will not be convinced otherwise.) He can’t run from that and he kind of hasn’t. I wouldn’t say that he’s embraced it, but he hasn’t dodged it and I respect that. And if The Life of Pablo is any indication, his association with the Kardashians hasn’t had much of an effect on his music. It might have slowed his output, but the level of quality is still there.

Of all of the different ways that we’re able to fully enjoy Kanye, perhaps social media might be the most straight up entertaining. Or at least it was. He was tailored made for Twitter and thrived when he was on it, but he hasn’t tweeted since in two years. It’s a shame. He’s also been on the sidelines when it comes to Instagram. Also a shame. When he joined he said that “no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram… It’s my art…” and of course it was. But he’s been M.I.A. for a little while now.

That all changed on Valentine’s Day, though. With a flurry of posts (UPDATE: that have since been deleted,) all with a definite theme, Kanye returned to Instagram. It’s proof that while everything does really seem incredibly terrible right now, there are still wins to be had.

UPDATE: Of course Kanye West has now once again vanished from Instagram, taking all of the photos he posted on Valentine’s Day with him. It’s a loss not just for Instagram users, but for all of America. We can’t undersell that. What follows is the text of the original post. You’ll have to use your imagination when it comes to the photos he used. 

Now the theme of Kanye’s Instagram posting barrage yesterday seemed to be, and I think I’m right here, iconic couples. He started with what looks like a note directed towards his wife.

This post was then followed by photos of Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Barack and Michelle Obama and Sean Penn and Madonna. Iconic may be a stretch for at least two of three of those couples, but you know, I see what he was going for.

Next were photos of Johnny Deep and Kate Moss, Tupac and Aaliyah and Brad Pitt’s first appearance, a picture of Pitt and Gwyenth Paltrow. Ah memories.

Now I’m wondering if this collection is of iconic couples who both survived and didn’t.

If you’re wondering, yes, Kanye posted pictures of all of Brad Pitt’s notable relationships.


Kanye will leave no stone unturned, whether it’s releasing the absolute best version of The Life of Pablo or sending some kind of message to his wife. Props for the dedication to the craft, bro.

I personally liked those people who made repeat appearances. Angeline Jolie was there not just with Pitt, but with her dude before Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton. Madonna was with Penn, but also Dennis Rodman and Basquiat. What Kanye? No love for her ill-fated relationship with Guy Ritchie? That dude made Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Guy Ritchie out there getting shafted.


The picture of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline was kind of confusing. I’m not sure I’d consider them iconic. That relationship seemed only to be important because KFed wasn’t Justin Timberlake and then it ended with Britney shaving her head and who the hell knows what happened to Federline. I’m sure very few of us even care. Life is tough that way, KFed.

Kanye also posted two pictures that featured Sarah Jessica Parker. One is with her husband Matthew Broderick, the other is with Mr. Big from Sex and the City.


I was initially confused because I was like, does Kanye not know this was from a television show? But then I saw the caption, “Carrie & Mr. Big” and was like, of course Kanye knows this is from a television show. This was then followed by bouts of amazement that Kanye has watched at least one episode of Sex and the City. I’m not judging. I would never judge Kanye at this point. It’s more entertaining than anything else.

Not as entertaining as this picture though.


Yeah, the dude from Sum41.

Now I know this has to be about something else besides just iconic couples. Could there be something in that picture that rings true to Kanye and Kim, though. How about the fact that both dudes are musicians and both gals are reality stars? Sure. Why the hell not, right?

Then Kanye brought it home.



Still not entirely sure exactly what he was getting at, but I am sure that I don’t really care. I could look at that picture of him and Kim eating ice cream for hours and every time it would bring a smile to my face. Such is the genius of Kanye.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce that Giddy Up America is no longer a Kanye-Free Zone.

Don’t make me regret this, Mr. West.

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