The Kanye-Free Zone

kanye-articleLargeA decision has been made.

It is has nothing to do with the holidays, leftovers, the Olivia/Fitz relationship, trying snowboarding or facial hair.

A decision has been made and it’s been made about Kanye West- specifically about Kanye West and Giddy Up America.

Giddy Up America is now a Kanye-Free Zone.

No posts about Kanye.

No talk about Kanye.

No jokes about Kanye.

Homeboy might as well be Voldemort.

This was not a tough decision to make. It came pretty quickly. One day, might have even been a day like today, it just hit me- I’m sick of Kanye West. I don’t know- maybe it was him comparing himself to the main character of 12 Years a Slave or maybe it was him flipping out because some knob job interviewer didn’t think Kim Kardashian was hot enough. It’s gotten to the point that whenever Mr. West opens his mouth, I’m annoyed. He’s become the Sarah Palin of the rap game.

And I’m over it.

A Short List of Things I’d Rather Talk About (Besides Kanye West):

The weather
Spygate 2.0
The Affordable Heath Care Act
Your fantasy football team
Billy Joel
Miley Cyrus

Listen, I get it. His Yeezus tour is incredible. I’m sure it is. I’m sure it’s the bees knees wearing cats pajamas. The pageantry- I heard there was a narrative involved. Great, grand, wonderful. You went, I’m happy for you. I really am.


And while sure, I’d love to hear about how great the show was…I don’t. I don’t really want to. If anything I’d rather hear about Tribe Called Quest’s opening set. That’d be fresh and interesting to me. Kanye being Kanye is neither fresh or interesting to me. It’s stale. It’s done. It’s played out. It’s ARod.

Amazon drones? Mildly interesting.

Huck on Scandal? Pretty interesting.

American Hustle? Very interesting.

Kanye West? Not interesting.

Giddy Up America Not So Subtle Belief About Kanye:

He’s not a good rapper. A good producer, but a good rapper? No. And even worse, he’s a bad rapper who thinks he’s great. I’ll give Kanye dap upon dap when it comes to his talents as a producer. He knows what buttons to push, what sounds to use, what guests to use better than almost anyone. But when it comes to his own rapping? No dude, he’s not that good.

So from here on out, Giddy Up America is a Kanye-Free Zone.

And that zone starts now.



But this website won’t talk about it.

Not anymore.

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  1. Woohoo! I hope this trend spreads!


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