Word Association: the Made in America Philly Lineup

made-in-america-jay-z-kanye-west-597x329The lineup for the third go around for the Jay Z curated Made in America festival in Philadelphia was announced today. This year’s festival is the last weekend in August and the lineup is cut from a similar cloth as past year’s lineup with pretty much every genre out there represented in some form or another. Even rock, which a lot of people consider extinct. But it’s not. Rock ‘n roll with never die! Well it might. Never say never.


Let’s review the lineup and do so with a little word association, which we’ve done in the past, most recently with the lineup for this year’s Bonnaroo lineup.

Kanye West – not on this blog
Kings of Leon – sure, why the heck not
Tiesto – no-esto
The National – sad bastard music with cool drums
Steve Aoki – ninja
Pharrell Williams – Heck Yeah!
J. Cole – umm…
Girl Talk – no boys allowed
Chromeo – dance music
City and Colour – color is not spelled with a “u”
Grimes – awesome name for a rapper. Is Grimes a rapper? I think he is…no, I think it’s a she. I think she’s British. #facts
Awolnation – the obligatory shitty rock band for the kids
R3HAB – stop it with the numbers
Gareth Emery – the dude from the British version of The Office?
De La Soul – yes please. Yes ALWAYS.
Baauer – Jack?
Tommy Trash – Tommy Lee?
Mayer Hawthorne – white soul
Kongos – it’s spelled congos, jackasses
3Lau – no really, stop with the numbers. I don’t even know what that means or how to pronounce it.
The Neighbourhood – point deduction for improper spelling
Danny Brown – sounds like a basketball player
YG – that’s it? Just two letters? Is the a brand of blu-ray players?
Holy Ghost – Holy smokes! No I’m just kidding. No clue who this is.
Penguin Prison (DJ set with live vocals) – the last place penguins belong is in prison #freethepenguins
Destructo – Transformer? Mexican wrestler? Shitty brand of blu-ray players?
Bleachers – Lena Dunham’s boo
DJ Cassidy – David?
Cherub – uh?
Will Sparks – sounds like a superhero’s alter ego
Young & Sick – better be a punk band
Vacationer – the SNL skit
Cut Snake – cut all snakes. Snakes are gross.
Kaneholler – excuse me?

For festival info, go HERE.

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