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Hope Always Springs Eternal on Craigslist

Looking back at past experiences responding to "musicians wanted" posts on Craigslist

Word Association: the Made in America Philly Lineup

Doing some word association with the lineup for this year’s Made in America festival, the Philly one.

Good Times Can’t Last Forever

Lamenting the sorry state of the Philadelphia Phillies

Low Flying Paper Planes

20 songs that were ranked too low in WXPN's 885 Greatest Songs of the New Millennium

Initial Reaction: The Made in America Lineup

Using word association to breakdown this year's lineup.

A Philly Weekend in 5 Pictures

Oh Philly, I miss you.

You Should Be Listening to This: Drgn King’s Paragraph Nights

The sound of DRGN KING- imagine Beck, the Beastie Boys, Brian Eno, Santigold and Raphael Saadiq were all driving cars. Now imagine all of them get in a massive car crash. The resulting sound? DRGN KING.

Enter the DRGN KING: a Philly Band on the Rise

Back in Philly, I stumbled upon the good fortune of writing about music for two.one.five. two.one.five was a Philly-centric arts & entertainment website that was the cousin of the elaborately awesome print version that had been kicking around hipster bowling alleys, hipster bars, and any other place hipsters and cool cats frequented in the city for the ...

33 Things I Know

Tomorrow I turn 33. At this point in my life I don’t know everything there is to know- I only know some things. Things you know are absolute- they are facts as far as you are concerned. They are bases of discussion, conversation starters, conversation enders, and possibly points of contention. But ultimately they are ...