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Kings of Leon Albums Ranked

Kings of Leon are at a crossroads and looking back at their albums is the best way to see how they got there and what lies ahead for them

Thanks for Nothing Guys

New releases by Jack White and Arctic Monkeys were supposed to be rock's two major entries into the biggest albums of the year conversation. But what happens to rock music when both fall flat?

Kings of Leon & Rock’s Last Days

Kings of Leon's problem is rock 'n roll's problem and it's not a problem that will be solved anytime soon

You Know What’s Awesome (Part Two)

It seemed like a good time to once again, focus on the awesome as opposed to the not-so-awesome

Why Rock Music Needs Kings of Leon

Rock is in a tough spot and to survive, they need Kings of Leon and others to be successful

Easy Morning Rebels

Singing the praises of my favorite musical sub-genre, Shit Kickin' Rock

Shimmy Shimmy Ya: the Let’s Go! edition

A playlist for being on the move

Word Association: the Made in America Philly Lineup

Doing some word association with the lineup for this year’s Made in America festival, the Philly one.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya: March Radness edition

A playlist of quality background music to listen to while watching March Madness