Kick Out the Jams: Kings of Leon Edition

kings-of-leonNext week the Kings of Leon return. They’re releasing their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, which is their first since 2010’s Come Around Sundown. The Kings return isn’t specifically a comeback, because the band has really been out of the national spotlight for a couple years, since they went on hiatus following a messy Dallas show and some stereotypical reckless drunkenness.

But hey, they’re back. That’s good news.

Me personally, I love me some Kings of Leon. I’ve loved them since I heard their first album, Youth and Young Manhood. I saw them down in Boston and then up in Portland, both shows were tight and focused rock shows. Around the time of their third album, Because of the Times, both their look and their sound started to change…or evolve…really depends on who you talk to. I didn’t ever think they were selling out per say because they had been so young and inexperienced when they became a band, that they’re sound developed and skills progressed in mid-stream. They were growing up in public, never an easy thing to do.

Long story short, I’m just happy their back.

To celebrate the release of Mechanical Bull, a Kings of Leon playlist was needed.

Giddy Up America’s Kings of Leon Playlist…


Four Kicks
Wasted Time
Knocked Up
The Bucket
Be Somebody
Beach Side
Pistol of Fire
Sex on Fire
Black Thumbnail
Pony Up
On Call
Spiral Staircase
Taper Jean Girl
Back Down South
Molly’s Chambers
California Waiting
King of the Rodeo
Red Morning Light




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