Georgia On My Mind

It took me awhile, but I finally watched the first episode of The Walking Dead. I had watched part of an episode awhile back- wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The main characters were running around a field- ended up in a farmhouse. Bullets killed zombies. Any kind of zombie apocalypse seemed like an open and shut case to me. I think I was all set.

But since season three started, it’s been hard to ignore the walking chatter about The Walking Dead. The idea of picking up a new show right now seems daunting, especially when factoring in Wife and I’s Friday Night Lights undertaking, prep work for the new season of Game of Thrones (re-watching season 2,) and the looming shadow of House of Cards, which has as many people talking about it as The Walking Dead does. But hey, it’s winter. There is literally no better time of year than winter for taking on new shows. Literally.

So giddy up The Walking Dead.

But okay, after watching the first episode, I have some questions. I don’t want any answers. I’m just saying I have questions, which I feel is a good thing when watching the first episode of any show. Adversely, questions can be a bad thing when watching the last episode of a show (I’m looking at you Lost.)

  • This isn’t a dream is it? Cause it seems a little like a dream. Rick’s a little foggy in the hospital, closes his eyes, opens his eyes and boom, everyone and everything is dead. Looks like a dream, smells like a dream. I realize he openly asked- am I dreaming and I guess the conclusion is no because he slapped himself- which I guess means no? But still, sort of, kind of feels like a dream to me. And to be honest, I don’t do dreams when it comes to TV shows and journals.
  • It seems like it would take a little more than a gun shot to kill a zombie. That’s not really a question, more of a statement.  Imagine that statement with a question mark at the end and you get where I’m coming from.
  • Soooooo are they going to explain this zombie apocalypse or just you know, play it as it lies? I guess I’m fine either way. Although some flashbacks maybe during season four could be cool- unless they’ve done this already. Then disregard and keep in mind, I’ve only seen the first episode of season 1. Semi-related to that- if bullets kill the zombies, how did the Army not stand a chance?
  • Shane’s Rick homey right? So why is he making out with his wife in a tent? Is this a post-zombie apocalypse thing or was this happening pre-zombie apocalypse? For you SAT lovers- is this analogy applicable: Shane & Rick’s Wife : The Walking Dead :: Jess & Mike : Homeland?
  • Did other areas of the country fall victim to this zombie apocalypse or just Georgia? Or just the south? Or just states that begin with “g.?” Is Matt Ryan a zombie…you know, besides when he’s playing in playoff games (zing!)

I think that’s the only questions I have so far. Either way, I’m interested. That first episode is damn close to brilliantly done. I counted at least five or six amazing shots, shots like Rick riding the horse into Atlanta, that were just flat out stellar. And the opening scene is pretty great and does a top notch job of establishing the tension and tone of the show.

I will admit, I did have this reaction for most of the show…

But once I got past that, I really enjoyed it.

Giddy up, Walking Dead. Let’s do this.

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