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One Last Mad Men Q & A

Looking back and doing some thinking about the Mad Men series finale

It’s Nice to Have Friends

It's not the story, the setting or anything else that makes Mad Men so great. It's the characters.

Not So Favorite Things of 2014

A list of my 10 not so favorite things that happened in 2014

The Best Things in Life

One last Mad Men Q & A for season 7.1

They’re All Gonna Laugh at You

Another Mad Men Q & A session

Redemption Song (cont’d)

In response to my Mad Men Q & A session, my buddy Pete had some thoughts and some questions

Redemption Song

A Q & A session about Madmen's season seven up to this point

Into the Great Wide Open

Looking ahead at the upcoming season of Mad Men by looking back at last season and making some predictions for this season.

Levels of Re-Watchableness

There's no question that there's been some great television shows out there in the past decade or so. But how re-watchable are these shows?