Georgia on My Mind: Revisited

A couple weeks ago I bought into the hype, caved to pressure, bit the bullet and finally watched the first episode of The Walking Dead. I did so because the third season, which the show is currently in, had been getting a lot of hullabaloo and frankly, I’m attracted to hullabaloo in the same way Rick Grimes is attracted to quiet spaces where he can be heard and duffel bags full of shotguns.

Upon watching the pilot episode, I listed some questions I had. I did not want answers, I merely wanted to express some of the mild concerns and thoughts I had after that first episode. Now having watched all six episodes of the first season, I’d like to address my questi0ns.

1. This isn’t a dream is it? Cause it seems a little like a dream. Rick’s a little foggy in the hospital, closes his eyes, opens his eyes and boom, everyone and everything is dead. Looks like a dream, smells like a dream. I realize he openly asked- am I dreaming and I guess the conclusion is no because he slapped himself- which I guess means no? But still, sort of, kind of feels like a dream to me. And to be honest, I don’t do dreams when it comes to TV shows and journals.

Okay, so it’s not a dream Rick is having. That’s good news- about as positive of a light you can shine on a zombie apocalypse. Rick smacking himself in the head at one point in the pilot, an attempt to prove he wasn’t dreaming, just wasn’t really that convincing. I’m a little more convinced after he met up with his wife & son and told the group that yeah man, he thought he was dreaming. I’m not sure why I find that more comforting, but I do. Rick is not dreaming.

2. It seems like it would take a little more than a gun shot to kill a zombie. That’s not really a question, more of a statement.  Imagine that statement with a question mark at the end and you get where I’m coming from.

I still feel this way; like it seems like it would take more than a gun shot to kill a zombie. But then again, what the hell do I know about zombies? I’ve never watched many zombie movies, don’t have any zombie friends, and have never once Google’d “how to kill a zombie,” even th0ugh I Google everything. But in the context of the show, I guess it makes sense. I suppose we can fulfill our love of be-headings with Game of Thrones (which starts up again in less than two weeks by the way.)

3. Soooooo are they going to explain this zombie apocalypse or just you know, play it as it lies? I guess I’m fine either way. Although some flashbacks maybe during season four could be cool- unless they’ve done this already. Then disregard and keep in mind, I’ve only seen the first episode of season 1. Semi-related to that- if bullets kill the zombies, how did the Army not stand a chance?

They didn’t totally get into this, just took a few shots across the bow. With season 1 only being six episodes, it made sense to gloss over the reason behind all these pesky zombies because they only had six episodes to get things rolling. We got a few hints: plague, army was over-run and that is satisfying for now. Strength in numbers I guess. Especially if the disease was possibly airborne. Wait, did they say that or am I making that up? I can’t remember. I’m back in Friday Night Lights mode. Go Lions.

4. Shane’s Rick homey right? So why is he making out with his wife in a tent? Is this a post-zombie apocalypse thing or was this happening pre-zombie apocalypse? For you SAT lovers- is this analogy applicable: Shane & Rick’s Wife : The Walking Dead :: Jess & Mike : Homeland?

First off Shane, why the hell are your pants pulled up some effin’ high? Really, dude. You look like a tool. As far as the whole sleeping with your buddy’s wife because you thought your buddy was dead thing? Well, Mike seemed to handle it a little better on Homeland. And you know why? Booze. Shane got a little too aggressive with Rick’s wife (what is her name by the way? What are any of the characters’ names besides Rick, Shane, Merl and Carl?) when they were trapped in CDC because homeboy was wasted. However, over on Homeland, when Mike was essentially trapped in that swanky penthouse with Jess, he was able to take care of his business because he wasn’t drunk. The lesson here? If trapped somewhere during a potentially life-threatening situation, don’t get all wasted. It’ll A) put a damper on any stress-induced romantic excursions and B) make the next day when you need to run to safety even shittier because you’re hungover. You’re welcome. Now stop pulling your damn pants up so high.

5. Did other areas of the country fall victim to this zombie apocalypse or just Georgia? Or just the south? Or just states that begin with “g.?” Is Matt Ryan a zombie…you know, besides when he’s playing in playoff games (zing!)

I guess so. Kind of a bummer.

All right. On to season 2.

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