20 Things: the 20/20 Experience

Breaking news, folks.

Justin Timberlake (you know, the actor from that movie where that dude from Into the Wild kidnapped a kid and then they killed him, much to the disappointment of Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone) has released a new album- The 20/20 Experience. While I’m not 100% sold on the album and not totally certain about how I feel about, I am totally sure about the things it makes me want to do.

20 Things The 20/20 Experience Makes Me Want to Do (listed in no particular order):

  1. Drive slow up and down a beach boulevard with the windows down and sunglasses on, even though it may be after the sun has gone down
  2. Sway my hips seductively while Swiffering my kitchen
  3. Watch Mad Men
  4. Take black and white pictures of sunsets
  5. Grind up on my boo in between episodes of Friday Night Lights
  6. Grill up some mean turkey burgers while wearing flip flops
  7. People-watch on a beach as I’m pretending to read John Adams
  8. Wash my car in a bikini
  9. Buy some new sneakers that have yellow in them
  10. Look up record players on EBay and then do some price comparisons with Amazon
  11. Wish I had a dog
  12. Drink Lemonade on our porch after doing some yard work
  13. Play air guitar while cleaning the garage and not stopping when Rose & Joe notice
  14. Wear a suit to something other than a wedding, funeral or job interview
  15. Think about wearing polo shirts more, but stick with my belief that polo shirts should never be tucked in unless you work at Enterprise
  16. Run into the ocean with my eyes closed so I’m not totally sure when hitting the water will happen
  17. Viking a beer
  18. Go see a minor league baseball game and eat lots of hot dogs & drink 8 Miller Lights
  19. Play Frisbee with a dog (most likely the dog I wish I had)
  20. Ride a longboard to the grocery store

On the real, though- The 20/20 Experience is a pretty good album. If I have any criticism of it, then it’s this:
– A lot of the lyrics are pretty stupid
– I tend to forget it’s on halfway through and then remember in the middle of the sixth song, “Spaceship Coupe.”

“Mirrors” is a great song and I’m still not tired of “Suit and Tie,” even though I think Jay Z’s verse is C+ material for him.

In the end, it’s a big ol’ pop album and in the same way I love me some big ol’ rock albums, I love me some big ol’ pop albums. It’s an event album, something everyone knows about and everyone has most likely heard by now. There’s not to many of those anymore, so it’s nice to embrace them when one does come around.

And there’s another one coming down the pike in the fall. Bonus.

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