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Better Call a Spin-Off

With Better Call Saul working so well, what kind of spin-offs could come from other Pantheon TV shows?

Trust, Tusk & Turtlenecks

The Americans is a great new show, but after being burned by Homeland and The Bridge, I'm finding it hard to trust a new show again

Levels of Re-Watchableness

There's no question that there's been some great television shows out there in the past decade or so. But how re-watchable are these shows?

The Best Television Shows Since 1990ish

A list of the 10 best television shows since 1990(ish)

Beards, Folk Singers & Ron Burgandy!

Giddy Up America's fall movie preview

Let’s Talk About True Blood

Catching up with what's been going on with True Blood so far

Georgia On My Mind

After finally watching the first episode of The Walking Dead, I have some questions.

Shut It Down: Super Bowl Thoughts

Ray Lewis has left the building and so has the 2012 NFL season. A rundown of Super Bowl thoughts.

2000 Conversations: Giant Turtles, Tattoos & Touchdowns, a Fictional Conversation About the Super Bowl

The bar is nearly empty when 2000 walks in, shaking the remnants of snow off of his jacket. He rambles up to the bar as ramblers do, taking a seat on a stool a couple stools down from the only other patron, a frosty looking gentlemen with a salt & pepper beard. They make eye ...