Shut It Down: Super Bowl Thoughts

Super Bowl Football

AP/David Goldman

Good win for the Ravens, bad loss for the 49ers. Another NFL season is in the books, so let us do what’s best for everyone involved and start thinking about college basketball, pitchers & catchers reporting and a last minute weekend getaway to the mountains for some skiing.

But before we do that, here’s a smattering of thoughts on last night’s game…

More of a 49er loss than a Raven win. Let’s be honest, the 49ers lost that game more than the Ravens won the game. Both teams were evenly matched and when it came down to it, the 49ers played below the level they had played at all year. Sure they made it interesting at the end, but they were only in that spot because of a terrible second quarter.

Yes it was holding. A real shitty way to end what had become a great game- a non-call on Jimmy Smith of the Ravens on 49er Michael Crabtree. Did Crabtree really have a chance to catch it? That’s debatable. But it was still holding and it was still not called. To make matters worse, Phil Simms, doing announcing for CBS (stand by on that one) offered this defense (paraphrased): at this point in the game, the ref’s aren’t going to call something like that. Players have to make plays. Okay, sure, let the kids play. I get it. But what if the foul that the ref’s are ignoring directly effects the way the kids are playing and prohibits one of the kids from playing like he can. Seems like that’s one of the reasons why we have refs in the first place.

Thanks for coming out Phil Simms. Before last night, I never really had a problem with Simms. But I really think that the job he did last night truly made us dumber as a nation and when the game was over, this was all I could think about…

But hey Phil, thanks for coming out.

Not sure if you heard, but the power went out. Or as I like to call it, the NFL putting the game on hold until I was able to get home from work. That was nice of them. Part of me wonders if it was the mysterious third Harbaugh brother trying to upstage Jim & John.

Beyonce is…pretty good. And by pretty good, I mean she’s the real deal. People often say her legs are as awesome as mine.

#FNLSuperbowl. I don’t know if Aziz Ansari started this, but he was definitely all over it. And it was awesome.

Goodbye Ray
. I honestly wonder how Ray Lewis will be remembered. That pesky double murder thing just won’t go away and while you can easily make the argument that he was never convicted, hence never a murderer, he was still involved. And let’s be honest, people who are even casually involved in murders aren’t the classiest of people. Plus there’s the whole deer antler spray thing and you have to think that at some point the NFL won’t be able to keep dodging the PED question. When that time comes, how will it effect those who were caught using PED’s during their career. Will they be attacked with the same vengeful wrath that baseball players are attacked with? There’s no doubt Lewis is one of the best defensive players ever, but I just can’t see how history will remember him.

And then that dude pushed a ref. Of all the questionable calls in last night’s game, the fact that Carey Williams wasn’t ejected for straight up shoving a ref is easily the most inexcusable. I don’t care if none of the others refs saw it, the dude who got shoved needed to man up and admit hey guys, one of the Ravens players shoved me, so I’m going to eject him. And I don’t buy the “he didn’t know it was a ref” argument and that he couldn’t see what was going on. That’s baloney. You’re supposed to be a professional, sir. Learn to control your emotions.

A Ravens Player Actually Pushed A Ref During The Super Bowl

Other Highlights/Thoughts:

Ray Rice needs to start sleeping with the ball. He’s becoming a little too fumble-prone.
Ed Reed sure would look good in a Patriots’ uniform next season.
Colin Kapernick is the real deal. In three years he and Russell Wilson will dominate the league.
Hey Randy Moss, thanks for coming out.
Joe Flacco is good, but he definitely uses the same good luck horsehoe in the butt trick that Eli Manning does.
No one wants to see Frank Gore’s junk bouncing up and down in slow motion. No one.
The 49ers have a brighter future than the Ravens.
This Taco Bell commercial was probably my favorite…

Pitchers and catchers report in a week, so let’s put football behind us.

Let’s go Red Sox.

Flacco photo by Harry How/Getty Images

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