Office Watch: The Sound of Cracking Ice


Last week, in the first installment of Office Watch, I put The Office on notice. The main reason for this was the introduction of Boom Mic Brian and the hints of a possible love triangle brewing (or having existed at one point) between BMB, Jim & Pam. It was one love triangle too many for a show that has already had more than it’s fair share (especially with one already existing between Andy, Erin and Pete.) And on top of that, with the series winding down, it felt pointless. The show was ending- why bog down it’s final days unnecessarily jeopardizing what had been the heart & soul of the show: Jim and Pam’s relationship.

It was a rash move, but I put them on notice. They were on thin ice- much like Wife puts me on thin ice when I do something stupid like comment a little too much about the attractiveness of the ladies onĀ The Bachelor or finish the milk without telling anyone.

Last night, said ice was cracking.

But hey, Dwight’s impression of Andy was kind of funny.

Andy’s Back

Andy’s boat trip is over and he’s back in Scranton- back to being a wildly obnoxious boss, thinking his relationship with Erin hasn’t taken a hit in his absence and tossing out lines that seem like ones that didn’t make the cut when Michael Scott returned from his Jamaica trip with Jan. His supreme level of douche-baggery was in full effect last night, causing Wife to lament his change as he used to be her favorite character. Alan Sepinwall wondered if last night’s episode was the writers slyly pointing out how much better the show has been with Andy being gone and sure, I wish that were true, but it probably isn’t. Either way, Andy’s return was the main reason why last night’s show was so uncomfortable to watch. If there is a positive to be taken from it, it’s that he is easily a front-runner for the worst worn wig of the year award. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

David Wallace: world’s worst boss

Or I guess he could be the world’s best boss. Tough to say. I guess it depends on how you view your boss and if you think it’s important that they notice one of their managers has been gone for three months.

Halpert Discontent

Please, please, please don’t do it…writers, I’m talking to you. I watched last night’s episode with analytical skepticism, just hoping they wouldn’t go down the road they hinted at last week. And while they didn’t totally go down Love Triangle Avenue, they still flirted with it as BMB and his girlfriend have split- opening a door. Stupid door. Stupid Brian. I guess we should be happy that Jim & Pam decided that going home to fight on Valentine’s Day was better than Jim going to Philly for the night, but all of it just seemed so fake and forced.

While I liked that Erin officially dumped Andy for Pete, Darryl standing up for a gay couples right to take advantage of couples discounts on Valentine’s Day and the women at the nail salon being fascinated by Angela’s little feet- none of it was strong enough to save the episode.

NBC has announced that the series finale of The Office will be on May 16th.

From now until then, Office Watch will continue.

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