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Coming Up For Air In the World of Trump

Trying to deal with the endless barrage of news, rage and rage-filled news

The Summer of 2016 MVP

Who is the Most Valuable Player for the Summer of 2016?

Can Anyone Beat Bill Murray?

Prince, Twitter, Dennis Rodman? Can any of them stop Bill Murray from coming out of the Kitten Mittens Bracket?

The Wildest Wild Card Tournament: Day One

The tournament kicks off with the first round of the Kitten Mittens bracket featuring top-seeded Bill Murray versus Burritos, Prince versus Traffic Circles and more.

Favorite Things of 2014

A list of my ten favorite things that happened in 2014

The Summer of 2014’s MVP

Who or what was the Most Valuable Player of the Summer of 2014?

Who is the MVP of the Summer of 2013?

As summer comes to an end, we're looking at some possible contenders for summer's Most Valuable Player

Today in That’s Pretty Cool News: Rogue Wave is Back

The California band is back with a new album, Nightengale Floors, set to be released June 4th

Shut It Down: Super Bowl Thoughts

Ray Lewis has left the building and so has the 2012 NFL season. A rundown of Super Bowl thoughts.