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Ep. 16: She’ll Always Be Baby Vamp to Us

This week we talk about Daredevil, the OJ show, new music by Drake and the power of Beyonce

It’s Complicated

The time to make a decision seems to be fast approaching- do I stick with the NFL or not

The Walking Dead’s Latest Casualty

The Walking Dead has claimed it's latest victim...

Let’s Not Talk About the Snow

Let's talk about something other than the snow- like the Olympics, True Detective and the new Band of Horses' album

There Will Be (More) Blood

Why is Carl the only one whose hair grows? Will Glenn die? Can Glenn die? Please. Four predictions for the second half of the Walking Dead's fourth season.

Bringing a Tank to a Gun Fight

The Walking Dead hit the halfway point of season four and did so with gusto

A Ricktatorship Ends

Looking back at season three of the Walking Dead and proposing some changes for season four

Don’t Be a Glenn

Two episodes in to season three of the Walking Dead and looking at the Good, the Bad & the Ugly so far

What Not to Do in the Midst of a Zombie Attack

Recapping the season two finale of the Walking Dead and lamenting the absence of logistics