Ep. 16: She’ll Always Be Baby Vamp to Us

differeing-opinions-on-drake-02The band is back together after a trip to New Orleans, a vacation and a fill-in spot by Frankie. This week’s episode is what we like to a call a “catch-all” and we run through a list of topics. We talk about the second season of Daredevil, The People vs O.J. Simpson and the finale of The Walking Dead. Then we shift gears and talk about music, specifically the new music that did come out from Drake and didn’t come out from Beyonce.

The Differing Opinions on Drake podcast is on iTunes and you can find it HERE. Please download it, review it, pass it along. We’ll be your best friends. Promise. We are also on Stitcher now- you can download the pod there as well if iTunes isn’t your thing.

And as always, you can reach the podcast on Twitter, Instagram or via the electronic mail.


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