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Weezer Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Weezer will outlast us all. It is known.

Weezer Just Keeps On Keepin’ On

The band that won't quit has released "Feels Like Summer," a track off of their upcoming 11th album

Twenty Albums That Made 2016 Tolerable

The 20 albums released in 2016 that helped get us through a rough year

Patton Oswalt For President

Weezer's new video for "I Love the USA" finally gives us a third party candidate we can all get behind

Ep. 16: She’ll Always Be Baby Vamp to Us

This week we talk about Daredevil, the OJ show, new music by Drake and the power of Beyonce

Welcome Back

Weezer go back in time with their new album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End

The Pop Rock Scientists

Part two of Giddy Up America’s look back at the Albums of 1994: Weezer's debut album, "Weezer", a.k.a. The Blue Album

Kick Out the Jams: The Somehow 1993 was 20 Years Ago Edition

1993 was twenty years ago (I just realized this.) Here is a playlist of 30 of the best songs from 1992-1994.