Five Questions About the Suicide Squad Movie

Prior to the release of the latest Suicide Squad trailer, I was mildly interested at best in the movie. I gave it a solid it looks kind of cool rating but wasn’t going to lie to myself, tell myself that yeah dude, I’ll see that in theaters. I wasn’t. There wasn’t even a chance.

And now? Now that a new trailer has come out? Have I changed my mind at all?

Yeah, I kind of have. I still don’t think I’ll see it in theaters. That’s just doesn’t seem realistic. But I would be more eager to see it once it’s not in theaters and frankly, that counts for something. It looks kind of fun, a good time. And with each passing day I’m becoming more and more of a Margot Robbie fan so the fact that she seems to be kind of a center piece of the movie definitely helps.

But is she, though? Or does it just seem that way?

That is one of five questions I have about Suicide Squad as I sit here on a Monday morning.

Question 1: Yeah, is Margot Robbie a big piece of this movie or are they just making it look that way?

She definitely steals the trailer. Every shot of her is one of the best shots, one of the best scenes. The movie is definitely an ensemble jam, but is it one of those “ensemble” movies where it’s really one or two people and then the rest? Man, I don’t know. All I know is that Robbie is on the come up and I think this movie could be a 100% game-changer for her.


But again, in a movie starring Will Smith and Jared Leto…is she a lock at third billing or just a member of the B Group?

Question 2: Does Will Smith being involved make it a Will Smith movie or is this a different kind of move for him?

Will Smith doesn’t seem all that willing to rock supporting roles. Will Smith does Will Smith roles. I think one of the reasons he passed on Django Unchained was because he didn’t feel Django’s role was big enough, which is kind of nuts because it’s totally big enough. Either way, the idea of Smith being one of the guys as opposed to the guy is certainly appealing.

Question 3: Is the Joker part of the Suicide Squad or the enemy of the Suicide Squad?


I don’t know anything about the Suicide Squad outside of the trailers, so I don’t know if this is something already known if you are privy to certain information (i.e. comic books.) But the trailer makes it seem both ways. Is he the one they are all after or the one who is late to join the squad or some kind of outlier? I can’t tell.

Question 4: Yo, is Ben Affleck in this?

I saw Batman and seeing as how DC is trying to connect all of this like Marvel has done, it has to be Batfleck right?

Question 5: Wait, then who am I rooting for then?

I generally root for Batman. But this movie looks like it’s setting you up to root for the Suicide Squad. If the squad and Batman are on opposite sides, that makes things awkward. Although it does make me think the Joker is the big bad here and being chased simultaneously by both Batman and the Suicide Squad.

Oh well. Bottom line is that the movie looks cool. Definitely looks better than Batman v Superman, which I still haven’t seen yet. At this point, I figure if I wait a little longer they will just be letting people in for free, or as a pay what you want type deal like museums do on Sundays.

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