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The One History Podcast You Should Be Listening To…

Currently in it's third season, 'American History Tellers' tells stories of U.S. history in a unique and entertaining way

Man, Watergate was Nuts

Slate's new podcast 'Slow Burn' is an engrossing examination into the Watergate scandal and might be the perfect podcast for right now

From the Pod: What America Needs (cont’d)

On last week's episode of Differing Opinions on Drake, we listed off things America needs right now more than Taylor Swift rapping. Here is an addendum to that list.

The True Crime Genre Has a Problem

The true crime genre has exploded in recent years, but their long-term success is problematic because of one simple reason

‘Crimetown’ is the First Re-Listenable Podcast

The exploration of the criminal history of Providence, Rhode Island is the first of it's kind

The Real Reason Why ‘S-Town’ is So Popular

It's not just the story or the quality of production that had led to the podcast's success. An additional factor has played a massively important part.

‘S-Town’ is the Next Great Podcast

Murder, country-living and climate change anxiety are a few of the key factors of this great new podcast.

The Ten Best Podcasts of 2016

From Bill Simmons to 'In the Dark,' the ten best podcasts of the year