10 Reasons Why You Should Vote

It’s Election Day. You should vote. No really, you should.

Why? Here’s ten reasons why…
1. If you don’t, then you can’t complain when the wrong guy wins.
2. Free donuts.
3. Your grandparents, whether or not they’re alive or dead, would be pissed at you if you didn’t vote.
4. Because this is the most important election since the last one and until the next one.
5. You can tell all your Facebook friends about it.
6. Free stickers.
7. The commercials won’t stop until you do.
8. No really, you can’t complain about shit if you don’t vote.
9. It provides great people watching.
10. No I’m serious, you can’t complain about a damn thing that you might think is wrong with this country if you don’t vote. Granted the Supreme Court might end up deciding who the next President is, but still, you need to vote. You vote, you get the right to bitch. It’s pretty simple. It’s just like dry cleaning- no ticket, no laundry. No vote, no complain.
With that being said, doesn’t it seem like we’re only a few elections away from just having the undecided voters in Ohio vote?
And there’s no way I’m voting for Vice President Walden. 


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