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Potential Future Adventures for Obama & Biden

The dynamic duo's appearance at a D.C. bakery on Monday got me thinking about what I'd like to see them do next

The Winner of 2016 (so far): the Anger Bracket

Who comes out of the Anger Bracket? Is it Kanye, Courtney B. Vance, Larry David as Bernie Sanders or New Girl?

The Story of 2013

The story of 2013 based solely on memory.

What Will Jay Z Do This Week?

Jay Z had a big week last week. What will he do this week? Here's some predictions.

Jay Z’s Open Letter: the 5 Best Lines

Looking at our favorite lines from Jay Z's new song, "Open Letter"

I Just Don’t Know: A Rundown of Confusion

Admitting you don't know something is one thing. Admitting what some of these things are is another.

Boehner Thoughts

We all know John Boehner wasn't enjoying himself during the State of the Union address, but what was he thinking about. We try and find out.

We Are Deer Antler Spray and Some More Traffic-Induced Thoughts

Let the campaign to start a band called Deer Antler Spray start today and the Internet was right- it is hard to sell a used furnace.

Sports Grief: the Patriots’ Season Comes to an End.

It's Monday morning and I'm left wondering, what the hell happened last night? The Pats...well...the Pats got their asses kicked. It wasn't even close. Oh the Pats scored 13 points? Didn't seem like it. I was prepared for a close game, but that game last night, the AFC Championship game between our mighty New England ...