Category: Life Lessons

Let Us Be Kings Together

From my graduate school thesis, It'll Be Amazing Eventually, an essay about the 2004 Red Sox and watching sports with my Dad

About That One Cinco De Mayo In Baltimore All Those Years Ago

Cinco de Mayo will always be special to me and will always remind me of one wild night in Baltimore

The Fire Ceremony

A true story about fears, fire, and memories

Hope Always Springs Eternal on Craigslist

Looking back at past experiences responding to "musicians wanted" posts on Craigslist

You Know What’s Awesome…

...these things are, which is fun to think about during non-awesome times

Lessons I Learned After One Year of Fatherhood

23 things I've learned during my first year of fatherhood

Alive Amongst the Living: A Winter Morning on Casco Bay

Feeling nostalgic for my days at Casco Bay Lines in Maine. So here is an essay from my thesis, It Will Be Amazing Eventually, about a trip down Casco Bay on the 505 run for Casco Bay Lines.

Drummers be Drumming

Keeping the volume down & the beat steady, playing drums in a quiet, beachfront community