Before the Witching Hour Comes: Notes from Hurricane Sandy

There was a hurricane. You probably didn’t hear about, but there was. It was a ball buster. Maybe spend a minute or two Googling “Hurricane Sandy” because really, like no one is talking about it. Actually, only
one news outlet isn’t talking about it.
In Point Pleasant we have no more boardwalk and as of today (Friday,) Kim and I still don’t have power. It’s starting to get old. Days have become a mad dash to get everything done before the darkness comes. We don’t have a generator, just flashlights and candles. You know, like the Pilgrims. It’s been a weird week, one that started on Sunday when we packed up and headed over to Kim’s parents, across the bridge in Brielle. Their house is a like a tree house, but surrounded by a jungle. It’s on high ground and going there seemed like a good move, even though it would mean we’d miss both Boardwalk Empire and Homeland. Luckily The Dark Knight was on, so we still had something to watch- even though it was on cable, which meant that with commercials it took about ten hours, give or take.
In Brielle, we lost power around 2:30 and things haven’t been the same sense. To be honest, I think I miss cereal the most. Breakfast without it has been anticlimactic.
But have we learned anything this week- besides that electricity is awesome and living like the Amish isn’t for everyone?
I have. I’ve learned a couple things.
Argo is an amazing movie, completely amazing. I firmly believe a good woman makes a man better, makes his decisions better and makes his choices better. Based on that rationale, I think we should all thank Jennifer Gardner for straightening Ben Affleck out. We’re all better off because she did.
Juice boxes are delicious- especially fruit punch. I wish they were bigger, though.
My father in law is not to be messed with when either one of the following things are involved: Parcheesi and magic tricks. I didn’t know two things about Parcheesi until Monday- that it was the official or unofficial game of India and that the Negotiator would dominate at it. He was setting walls, making shrewd moves left and right and routinely sending all of us back to the starting point- a cruel blow if you were finally making some headway. I just didn’t see that coming.
Creative mixed drinks rundown:
Jack Daniels & Dr. Pepper: good enough to get the job done
Rum & Dr. Pepper: surprisingly delightful and from now on will be called the HurriCAN
Gin & Iced Tea: only if you need too
Sam Adams Octoberfest at the T.G.I. Friday’s in Brick, New Jersey: absolutely delicious.
It’s okay to walk around, inspecting the damage in your town and the destruction done to other people’s homes and take pictures while doing so. But it’s not cool to do so with a video camera. It just looks tacky.
Photo By Clarke Thomas
Instant Mac & Cheese is best left to tomahawked college kids.
Boats don’t belong on golf courses, but I saw one there anyway.
Having no power creates the perfect amount of boredom and free time to do something like set up all of your drums in the garage. There’s just too much time to kill to just keep banging away on the bare bones, making beats configuration. And as a bonus, the constant sound of generators and chain saws is perfect for covering up the noise you’re going to make. And you’re going to make a lot.
The older I get, the more weight and truth things my parents said to me when I was younger carry. For instance, when I was younger and thought things were going pretty bad or something was wrong, Mom was always quick to point out that there’s always someone worse off than you. It’s true. Someone always has it worse than you. Case in point this week- Kim and I don’t have any power and the house is starting to get cold, we walk down to the beach and see people’s houses completely ripped open and other people emptying their houses, carrying soaked rugs and mud-covered pictures. There is always someone worse off than you. It’s a fact.
Monopoly is fun to play for about an hour and a half.
When in doubt, add a dog to the mix.
I won’t miss the sounds of generators, chain saws, sirens and helicopters. Not one bit.
And yes, I flip on the light switch every time I walk into a room. Partly because I forgot the power was out and partly because I want to see if the power is still out. It doesn’t totally make sense, I know. But not much has made this sense. So shut up…it’s a hurricane!

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