Ten Things More Frustrating than the 2012 Patriots

The 2012 New England Patriots are frustrating. 

I’m still sore from this weekend’s game, an overtime win over the New York Jets.The Pats have not come as advertised- frustrating. They don’t hold leads- frustrating. They don’t make things easy- frustrating. The list could go on for a while- frustrating.
Exactly how frustrating are the 2012 Patriots?
They are almost as frustrating as the following ten things…
1. People complaining about gas prices.
Because in the end, it’s more frustrating than the actual gas prices.
2. Obama’s Apology Tour.
This never happened, has been proved never to have happened and yet Romney continues to bring it up.
3. Musicians as both Host and Musical Guest on Saturday Night Live.
Not all musicians are Justin Timberlake.
4. Lame Haunted Hayrides.
Take a cue from Terror Behind the Walls in Philadelphia and don’t skimp. Pull out all the stops. The scariest part shouldn’t be the wait.
5. Leaves.
Just when you think you’ve raked them all, more fall to the ground.
6. Squirrels.
Stop pooping on my deck!
7. The 4 Beer Hangover.
It’s simply not fair. I’ll take a hangover if I’ve earned it. Drinking four beers is not earning it.
8. Lost, season 3, episodes 1 through 5.
I get it, you want to mysterious. But you want me to keep watching don’t you? Oh you do? Great, then stop frustrating the shit out of me!
* even though this happened in 2006, it still frustrates me
9. Fantasy Football.
Don’t tell my wife this, but it’s starting to become a waste of money.
10. Buying Beer in Pennsylvania.
I can only make light of this now that I live in New Jersey, where you buy beer with ease. You know, like how God intended.
I have faith the Patriots will turn it around and come January, will be right in the mix for the Super Bowl. 
But until then, their games will continue to be four hours of sitting on the edge of my couch, swearing loudly, wild swings of emotion, depressing bouts of sports anger, uplifting bouts of sports happiness and an inability to watch the last two minutes of the game. 
Sounds awesome. 
Giddy up.

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