Tag: Seahawks

Back in the High Life Again

Looking back at the Patriots' Super Bowl win over the Seahawks

A Super Super Bowl Preview

An (mostly) all-encompassing Super Bowl 49 preview


The first Patriots-related post leading up to the Super Bowl. 20 things I think about the Pats.

An Obligatory Preview of the 2014 NFL Season

With the NFL season about to start, here's 20 thoughts about the upcoming season

One More Super Bowl Recap

Recapping the Half Time show, the commercials & the tweets of this year's Super Bowl

Giant Helmets, Thug Life & Free Pizza for All!

20 thoughts about this year's Super Bowl, including the prediction that the Broncos win.

Something to Believe In

Predicting success in the NFL all comes down to who you do or don't believe in. Here's a breakdown of teams I believe in and who I don't.