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The Pop Culture Wish List

What movie or TV show would you like to see? What band would you like to see get back together? Where should they set a TV show?

25 Uses for This Great Picture of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence guest hosted 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Thursday night and this picture is endlessly entertaining

15 Questions for 2015

Looking ahead to 2015 with 15 questions (and predictions) about the new year

The On Notice List

A list of who and what is currently On Notice- i.e. dangerously close to getting kicked to the curb

Letting the Head and the Heart Choose

Anyone can predict who will win the Oscars. I'm picking who I want to win- or more specifically, who my head wants and who my heart wants.

Oscar Predictions: Phase One

Too many Oscar-nominated movies just came out, so it's going to take a little bit to make an informed prediction on who will win. Here's phase one of Giddy Up America's quest to make Oscar predictions.

Favorite Things of 2013

Recapping my ten favorite things that happened in 2013

The Story of 2013

The story of 2013 based solely on memory.

Some Filibuster Filifiller

A thirteen hour filibuster is one thing, filibuster filler is another. We pick somethings we'd kill some time with if we were talking for thirteen straight hours.