25 Uses for This Great Picture of Jennifer Lawrence

It was Jennifer Lawrence’s turn to fill in for Jimmy Kimmel Thursday as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been out all week. Let’s be honest, she was great. Why? Because she is great. I kind of feel like a brief run of borderline unwatchable movies has put a damper on the shooting star that is JLaw. It was bound to happen. In America, we’re not the best when it comes to appreciating greatness.

Oh, I should have mentioned that I’m a JLaw fan.

Moving on, probably the most noteworthy segment on Thursday night’s show was Lawrence’s 18 minute long interview of Kim Kardashian West. It’s surprisingly entertaining and even informative. Kanye likes himself someĀ Family Feud. Didn’t see that coming.

Throughout the show Lawrence’s wit, one of her best attributes, was on full display, but so was her penchant for amazing facial expressions, with this one right here being the winner.

I love this picture. It says so many thing, so many, many things. It says so many things I can’t decide what exactly it says or what situation it’s best suited for when it comes to those delightful Fridays got me like this style social media posts.

So instead of limiting it to one or two things, let’s just do a whole shit load of them and see what sticks.

When you pick your kid up at daycare and she’s wearing different clothes than she was wearing when you dropped her off

When your neighbor puts out gargoyles as a Halloween decoration, but only puts out gargoyles and you wonder if it’s like a Halloween decoration or like, something they are going to run with all year

When your only option for a quarterback in fantasy football this week is Jay Cutler

When you realize all of the characters on Scandal are making out with each other

When you hear Taylor Swift rap in a song

When you hear someone say the Civil War wasn’t about slavery

When you hear Democrats re-litigating Bernie vs. Hillary

No really, when you hear Taylor Swift rapping

When you hear a Weezer album that isn’t one of the self-titled ones

When someone talks about their pet snake

When you heard about the DeShaun Watson injury

When someone says they don’t like ice cream

When someone says climate change is bullshit

When someone says Hawaiian pizza is their favorite

When someone says Val Kilmer was the best Batman

On that note, when someone says they liked Batman v Superman

When someone says Speed is over-rated

When someone says they are going to get their guitar

When the Internet is down at work

When the Internet isn’t down, but someone sees what you’ve been up on the Internet at work

When someone asks if you want to go to Burger King

When someone says they like that Rachel picked Bryan over Peter

When someone gets casually racist at lunch

No really, when Taylor Swift raps

When someone says they like using chop sticks







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  1. Brilliant! Especially Val Kilmer/Batman! Happy New Year!


  1. Sheer Perfection! Still Guffawing! – Jocelyn Beard, Teller of Tales

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