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Favorite Things of 2016

From 'Atlanta' to the return of A Tribe Called Quest, my favorite things of 2016

The Seventh ‘Westworld’ Q&A

A penultimate episode deserves a penultimate round of Q&A

The Sixth ‘Westworld’ Q&A

'Westworld' is in the home stretch, but questions remain

The Fifth ‘Westworld’ Q &A

Another episode, another round of 'Westworld' Q & A

The Fourth ‘Westworld’ Q & A

Once again, trying to make sense of 'Westworld'

The Third ‘Westworld’ Q&A

Asking and hopefully answering some more questions about 'Westworld'

The Second ‘Westworld’ Q & A

More episodes of 'Westworld' just means I have more questions about 'Westworld'

The ‘Westworld’ Q & A

One episode in and a Q & A about 'Westworld' seems to be in order

GoT Plot Line Power Rankings: Week Ten

Plot line power rankings for Game of Thrones’ season finale for season six, “The Winds of Winter”