Breaking Down the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Promo

Just when you think that all Twitter could offer up today was more hot, stinking madness related to President Trump, this beautiful nugget emerges from the darkness to completely turn this Thursday right the heck around.

Oh boy, a new Game of Thrones trailer. Or is it a teaser? Or a promo? What’s even the difference between these? Is this really just a Drake-like situation, calling an album a playlist or a mixtape, when really they are all the same effin’ thing? All roads lead back to Drake, don’t they?

But speaking of roads, you walk on a road and in this clip, we get to see some walking. We see Cersei, the newly minted Queen of Westeros, walking and we see Jon Snow, the newly appointed King of the North, walking and we see Daenerys, last season headed towards the aforementioned Westeros, also walking. But it’s so much more than just watching people walk because anyone can walk. This is Game of Thrones so of course there’s some subtext here.

First there’s Jon Snow walking and he’s looking very Jon Snow-like.

He’s troubled, he’s a little worn out and a little beaten down.

Then it’s the Mother of Dragons’ turn to walk.

Daenerys looks apprehensive, but confident – unsure of what comes next, but also not giving a shit about what’s coming next.

And rounding things out, Cersei.

Cersei looks like she’s missing something. But what? Oh she’s missing the zero eff’s she has left to give.

And then we wonder, where are they walking to? Of course they are walking towards seats of power because it seems like everyone on Game of Thrones is trying to walk in that general direction. Jon enters the Situation Room at Winterfell, I’m not sure where Danys is, and Cersei is enroute to the Iron Throne. And again, the looks say it all. Jon wants no part of this, while the ladies want every part of this. I hope you’re ready for a good chunk of season seven to consist of emo Jon Snow back and in full effect because homeboy has some responsibilities now and that’s not always a good place for him to be.

Then around the one minute mark, it looks like Cersei is about to talk but she doesn’t talk. Nope. She exhales and out comes her breath in way that would imply it’s a little chilly in King’s Landing. But how can it be chilly in King’s Landing? That’s down south and it’s warm there and…oh, I know why.

Image result for winter is coming

And if that flash of cold, icy breath didn’t drive that point home, then this surely did.


Sorry. I didn’t mean to yell. I’ve just been saying that for a while and like anyone who is on the verge of being proven right, I got excited.

Game of Thrones returns in July. In the meantime, feel free to deep dive Giddy Up America’s archive of Game of Thrones-related content.

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