As If I Needed A Reason to Re-Watch ‘The Wire,’ HBO Gave Me One

Listen, I don’t need a reason to seal myself off from the world and spend a week or so re-watching all five seasons of The Wire. I really don’t. The Wire is easily my favorite show of all time and a show I will routinely and happily proclaim it is the best television show of all time. I once spent thousands of  words attempting to determine which HBO character was the best character and my answer (Omar) was one I probably could have come up with before word one. But hey, I had some fun in the process and that’s all that matters. You gotta do the work, right? I learned that from The Wire oddly enough.

But now I’m sitting here wondering if there’s any way I can dip out on my adult responsibilities for a week and deep dive back into the drug game in Baltimore thanks to a recently released trailer for the show. Thanks. My adult responsibilities are a mess now.

The reason for the new trailer is that The Wire, as well as other classic HBO shows Deadwood and Six Feet Under are available on Amazon Prime, in addition to HBO’s own streaming services. If you’ve never seen the show before, well first off, why? No really…why? I’m not sure there is a good answer to that question, but I’ll let you give it your best shot. Then I’ll tell you to drop everything and get to work, starting with why that dude was called Snot Boogie.

Outrage aside, this trailer probably does a better job of enticing you to watch The Wire than any number of insults and guilt trips I could dish out. Yeah, there might be a slight spoiler or two in there, but nothing you’d catch if you’ve never seen the show before. The clip does a damn near masterful job of packaging all five seasons (even the often maligned second season) into almost three minutes – getting the basic gist across without any lazy exploitation or sensationalizing.

But don’t sleep on the Deadwood trailer either because it’s perfect for not just people unfamiliar with HBO’s legendary western, but for people who maybe watched the first season and then dipped out. The show was at times frustrating, but never not entertaining, and with rumors that a movie might be coming, getting back into now would be a smart move.

There hasn’t been any word as to whether or not HBO will be releasing re-worked trailers for any of there other iconic shows, so we’ll have to wait and see. But regardless, these trailers are a good start.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to call my wife and tell her I’ll be offline for the foreseeable future. I’m sure she’ll understand.

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