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Hey, the Black Keys Are On Spotify

After a five year absence, the band decided to post their entire catalog on the streaming service

The D.I.Y. Summer Music Festival Game

A fun new game: create your own music festival using the lineups of Governor's Ball, Bonnaroo & Coachella

They Made Their Mark

A stream of conscience review of the new Black Keys' album, Turn Blue.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya: Black Keys edition

A playlist of Giddy Up America's favorite Black Keys' songs

Feeling the Fever

Five listens and a fully formed opinion on "Fever," the new Black Keys' song

Investigate Journalism: The Sheepdogs

Tried to learn more about the Sheepdogs, a band from Canada. Besides learning they were from Canada, here's what I else I learned.

Hangin’ with the Cool Kids: 2013 Grammy Recap

The Black Keys kill it, Taylor Swift sure loves EVERYBODY, presumed awkwardness between Sting & Bruno Mars and more Grammy thoughts.

The 20 Best Songs of 2012

Was 2012 a good year for music? I have no idea. Sure, why not? Santigold returned with a new album, Dr. Dog & Band of Horses released some good old fashioned rock ‘n roll albums and Kanye continued to do Kanye things (release good albums, say stupid shit.) In addition, Soundgarden is back and they ...

The Future of the Black Keys: two musicians, five questions, one concerned fan

Are the Black Keys selling out? This question has been stuck in my head since it was announced that their March tour date in Philly was at the big joint- the Wachovia Center. Why couldn’t they play the Tower Theater or the Electric Factory? Are they really that popular or is someone assuming they are ...