Feeling the Fever

the_black_keys_1378933759570This afternoon the Black Keys’ released the first single off of their upcoming album Turn Blue. The song is called “Fever” and it’s…here, listen for yourself:


Now unless this was audible recordings of Pat and Dan farting into vintage microphones while shitting on The Wire, I was going to like this song. I’m a huge fan of the Black Keys. A huge fan. I graduated to the blind loyalty stage of my fandom a couple years ago. There only a handful of bands I like that can do no wrong in my book. The list starts with the Black Keys, then it’s My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam…and…and…well, that’s pretty much it.

So what to make of “Fever?”

On the first listen: uh…

And on the second listen: …growing on me…

Then the third listen: …I do love me some good ol’ Black Keys stomp…and that keyboard line isn’t so bad…ooooooohhhh…

And the fourth:fever, can you hit me…not bluesy Black Keys and I’m totally cool with it…this song wasn’t going to sound like anything that was on El Camino, the Keys don’t work that way. Each of their albums have distinct vibes…

And the fifth: …Pat Carney is not the best drummer out there, but he’s the best for the Black Keys…I really like the straight forwardness of this song, it really drives and the only frills are the keyboard line, which I’m now totally cool with…I bet this song will rock live…a song becomes infinitely more bad ass if it includes the phrase “cold, dead light in her eyes” amongst the lyrics…this song hammers, it chugs from minute zero until the end…THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT BLACK KEYS’ ROCK SONG BUT I SHOULD PROBABLY TAKE A BREAK AND LISTEN TO SOMETHING ELSE…

While listening to something else…

The Black Keys are reliable, probably one of the best things you could ask from a band that is one of your favorite bands. Any changes in style or substance are gradual, not jolting or uncomfortable. They seem to have a firm grasp on what they are, what they do and what they can do. “Fever” ain’t no “Lonely Boy,” but it’s a cousin of that song. That works.

And while still listening to something else…

Man I hope I get to see them live this summer. I’ve only seem them once. It was great- just a shitty venue. But not bad enough to make the show any less great. Rock ‘n roll can’t be knocked down by a less than perfect venue. But dude, I’d love to see the Keys in a joint like the Stone Pony in Asbury or Johnny Brenda’s in Philly- a real rock club for a real rock band. Wishful thinking, though.

One more final thought…

A lead single’s goal is to generate excitement for a soon to be released album.





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