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Review: Sound City

Five thoughts about the new documentary, Sound City, that are not about it's creator, Dave Grohl

Coming of Age: Dazed and Confused Turns 20.

Looking back at Dazed and Confused on the 20th anniversary of it's release.

Who Won the Oscars?

Not one of the awards, but who won the actual show? Hint: it's wasn't Russell Crowe.

The Officially Official Oscar Recap

We only watched half of it, but that was enough! We give dap to the maker of the Mani Cam, praise Kelly Osbourne's newfound cuteness and give Seth MacFarlane a pass.

Giddy Up America’s Officially Official Oscar Predictions

Predictions for the 2013 Academy Awards

Sports Grief: the Patriots’ Season Comes to an End.

It's Monday morning and I'm left wondering, what the hell happened last night? The Pats...well...the Pats got their asses kicked. It wasn't even close. Oh the Pats scored 13 points? Didn't seem like it. I was prepared for a close game, but that game last night, the AFC Championship game between our mighty New England ...

John Legend Wins! The Most Badass Song of the Year & Thoughts on Django Unchained

2013 is still young, it's not even crawling yet, but at least one thing is already written in stone. John Legend's song from Django Unchained, is easily going to be the most bad ass, smooth operator jam released this year. Sure, Mr. Frank Ocean still has time to surpass Mr. Legend (who, and here's a ...